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Christian Baumeister

Your camera crew in Germany

You are looking for a professional German Camera Crew in this weird country?

You found one.
machdas filmproduktion is your local partner for your european project.
We are shooting in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy.
And any other country you need us.
We are based close to Munich in Bavaria.
 We are your German Production Crew.
call: 0049 171 369 30 28

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machdas filmproduktion

is the best choice for a local camera crew to hire in Germany for several reasons:


Professional Equipment

machdas filmproduktion is equipped with state-of-the-art professional camera equipment, ensuring that your project receives top-notch visual quality and production values.

Our commitment to using high-quality gear guarantees that your film will look and sound its best.

We adapt our broadcast equipment to your requirements.
Customers appreciate our uncomplicated way of finding solutions.


Locally Rooted:

Being locally rooted in Germany, machdas filmproduktion possesses an intimate knowledge of the country’s diverse regions, culture, and resources.

This local expertise is invaluable for finding the ideal shooting locations, navigating local regulations, and maximizing the production’s efficiency and authenticity.
We are your german camera crew for Munich, Berlin and Salzburg.
And your european camera crew for France, Belgium, Italy and Eastern Europe.



We at machdas filmproduktion are driven by a deep passion for filmmaking.
Our dedication to our craft shines through in every project we undertake, ensuring that your film benefits from our enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our passion for storytelling and visual excellence makes them an excellent choice for any production in Germany.

München – Berlin – Wien
Munich – Berlin – Vienna

More reasons for hiring a local?

Familiarity with the Area: Our teams are often well-acquainted with the region where the shooting takes place. They have local knowledge of suitable locations, permits, and potential logistical challenges, making the production process smoother and more efficient.

Cost Savings: Hiring a machdas camera crew can lead to cost savings, as you can avoid expenses associated with bringing an entire crew from a distant location.

Understanding: We speak English. So we will understnd each other very well. We can also provide you with a spanish speaking DoP.

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Kameramann mit PDW 700
Dokumentarfilm mit Sony FS7

Some details about (y)our equipment

First! Importand for Americans – our cars have air condition and lots of space.
All team members speak english, we have one native speaking spanish DoP.


Sony FX9 UHD camera
Sony FS7 UHD camera
Blackmagic URSA mini Pro 4.6K camera
3 unit set of Sony FX30 UHD
DJI Action Cam UHD

Audio& Monitoring

Up to 6-Channel Audio Mixer/Recorder
Wireless Mic and lav Sennheiser Evolution wireless
Wireless Go II Lav Rode
Boom with Sennheiser 416
BM Videoassist 7″ SDI/HDMI monitor/rec
Godox 5″ HDMI monitor
Marshall 7″ SDI monitor


Astra 6×6 BiColor LED lightning
Aputure 60x BiColor incl. Softbox
Dedo Lights 4x 3200K effect lightning
F&V LED BiColor lights
Kobold 1200&575W Daylight

Some Extras

MacBook with FinalCut Pro – Edit everywhere
Teleprompter with iPad
LiveU solo HDMI/SDI
ATEM Extreme video mixer 8 channel
Motorized slider Edelkrone
Mobil Greenbox

Important to know

We have permanent press accreditation at the European Parlament in Brussels and Strassburg.
If you want to shoot there – call us.
We produce climate-neutral, thanks to our solar powered office.

Christian Baumeister

Christian is the founder of machdas.
The german expression for “do it”.
Because somebody has to do it.
He is in business since 30 years and has almost done everything around filmmaking.
All over the world.

Client Testimonial

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

I have been working with Christian for more than a decade. In that time we have delivered a wide variety of corporate videos, including large multi-camera shoots, simple one-camera executive interviews, and spontaneous on-location filming at conferences and events. There are many reasons that I love working with him. Firstly, he is an outstanding professional and technically very proficient with a wide range of cameras and audio equipment. Secondly, he has an excellent work ethic and high level of dedication to whatever project he is working on. Thirdly, and most importantly for me, he is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to work with. This really makes a difference when you are working long hours under pressure and having to deal with changing circumstances. It’s easy to work with Christian, and there are so many things you just don’t have to worry about when he is on location. I have no hesitation recommending him highly to any producer, director or video professional.

Jonathan Trippett

Director, Big Bold Blue

Nerven behalten bei schwierigen Dreharbeiten – eine goldene Tugend! Für mich ist es jedes Mal unschätzbar wertvoll, Christian mit seiner Erfahrung, seiner breiten Expertise und vor allem seiner gelassenen Art an Bord zu wissen, gerade wenn es stürmisch zugeht.
Technisch ein Allrounder, international erfahren, ausgefuchst in der IT – bisher habe ich noch jedes Problem von Christian gelöst bekommen. Und außerdem macht es mir Spaß, mit ihm zu arbeiten.

Keeping your nerve during difficult filming – a golden virtue! For me it is always invaluable to have Christian on board with his experience, his broad expertise and, above all, his calm manner, especially when things get stormy.
Technically an all-rounder, internationally experienced, sophisticated in IT – so far I have had every problem solved by Christian. And besides, I enjoy working with him.

Dr. Alexander Seibold

Kath. Akademie

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